Dalmation, Dog┬áRefrigerator Magnet, 2″ x 3″ rectangle heavy duty magnet. A018

All refrigerator magnets are made with a laminated picture over a metal shell and a .60 mil magnet on the back.
Made in USA
Magnets are 2″ x 3″ rectangle in size

Refrigerator Magnets are one of the top selling and profit making items in any store. Magnets take up a little amount of room and bring back a big return. They are the perfect item for Gift Shops, Beachwear Stores, Religious Stores, Airport Shops, Dollar Plus Stores, Museum Shops, Travel Stores, Discount Stores, Card Shops, Art Gallery, Photo Store, Animal Store, Book Store, Novelty Shop, Flag Shop, Special Food Store, Casino Shops, Music Store, General Merchandise Store, or almost any type of retail store. Selling travel magnets, religious magnets, funny magnets, art magnets and others has a better return of profit then t-shirts, coffee mugs or other souvenir items.